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Our office containers are ideal when you need additional office space. These secure, portable, and cost-effective containers make for easily accessible workspaces with quick installation and we carry a variety of sizes and floor plans that you can choose from. Customizations of our office containers can include open concepts, 2 to 3 room floor plans and climate control capabilities.

These office containers feature ground-level placement, which makes them especially sturdy, easy to enter, and essentially weatherproof. Since they are placed directly onto the ground, there is no need to insulate under these units in the winter. Setup time is minimal, and no permit is required.

Quick Space’s office containers come with the same features as a standard office trailer. They are constructed with tile flooring, sheet rock on standard 16” centers, steel bars over windows, and lockable steel doors for excellent job site security year-round.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding our office containers, please reach out to discuss your needs with one of our office containers experts.

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Office Containers
Our office containers are available in three configurations, including one large office, two offices, or a one-office plus storage layout. The last option is excellent for keeping tools and equipment safe while quickly adding an on-site, climate-controlled office space. Delivered to your site ready to use, these offices are also easy to relocate. We are able to adjust the office container to different layout including three-room, two-room, combination, or open concept.

Dimensions Square Footage
8’ x 20’ x 8’ 160 ft2
8’ x 24’ x 8’ 192 ft2
8’ x 40’ x 8’ 320 ft2

High-Cube Containers
These high-cube office containers measure one foot taller than our standard officer containers and we can modified them to various floor plans including three-room, two-room, combination or open concept.

Dimensions Cubic Footage
8’ x 40’ x 9.5’ 3040 ft3
8’ x 45’ x 9.5’ 3420 ft3

If you are in need of more office space, please check out the WorkPlex by Quick Space.

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