Finishing Touches For Your Event

Quick Space is here to help with all aspects of your event – from event infrastructure to unique event equipment for you and your vendors. Our inventory includes ticket booths, refrigerated storage, concession containers, holding tanks, and unique storage options. Quick Space also has the capabilities to fabricate custom assets to fit your unique needs.

Please reach out to us to discuss your upcoming event and equipment needs with our event expert.

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Storage Containers
From music festivals, outdoor concerts, athletic events and nonprofit fundraisers, our event specific storage containers are ideal for short-term storage spaces. These low cost, non-permanent containers are sturdy and adaptable.

A modified storage container with a roll up door is perfect for a concession or merchandise stand.

Event Storage Containers

Dimensions Cubic Footage
8’ x 20’ x 8’ 1280 ft3
8’ x 24’ x 8’ 1536 ft3
8’ x 40’ x 8’ 2560 ft3
8’ x 40’ x 9.5’ (high cube) 3040 ft3

Refrigerated Containers and Vans
Our refrigerated containers allow you to store any frozen or cold goods, perishable items or materials for your event that require temperature control. These containers are a quiet, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to generators.

Dimensions Cubic Footage
8’ x 20’ x 8’ 1280 ft3
8’ x 40’ x 8’ 2560 ft3

Portable Buildings
These portable buildings are perfect for ticket booths, event check in or registration. Since they are portable, they can be placed anywhere on the event site while offering you flexibility and comfort.

Holding Tanks
The function of our holding tanks is to increase the capacity of an event restroom unit, which in turn will lengthen the amount of time between servicing for emptying. These holding tanks are ideal for large scale and multiple day events and can be used as additional water storage for food vendors. We offer grey and blackwater holding tanks.[Sizing if applicable]

Office Containers
Our office containers are ideal when you need additional space. These secure, portable, and cost-effective containers make for easily accessible space with quick installation and we carry a variety of sizes and floor plans that you can choose from. From event headquarters, green rooms, entertainment lounges, additional retail or merchandise space, bridal suites, ticket booth and more, our office containers provide additional space wherever you need it.