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Standard sizes (20′, 24′, 40′) as well as small and high cube sizes available! Sturdy, secure storage.


Doors, windows, vents, and more! Interior modifications also available.

Storage Containers

Whether you’re looking for secure storage at your business, construction site, home, or other location, Quick Space has you covered with containers of standard length — 20’, 24’, and 40’ — as well as high cube (9’6″ tall) and containers available in customized lengths.


  • Commercial and residential storage
  • Tool sheds
  • Staging areas for renovations
  • Welding shops
  • Low-cost nonpermanent maintenance buildings


  • Strong, sturdy construction
  • Adaptable to many needs
  • Wind and watertight
  • Vandal-proof and secure – Lock box included
  • Steel construction, not plastic or aluminum like competitors.
  • Competitive and affordable rental rates
  • Modified units available
  • Single and double end units available

Standard Containers

Our standard containers provide long or short-term protection for business equipment or personal possessions. A container can help you organize, safeguard, and maintain all your belongings. Call us today to learn more!

DimensionsCubic Footage
7’x9’x8′504 cu. ft.
8’x20’x8′1280 cu. ft.
8’x24’x8′1536 cu. ft.
8’x40’x8′2560 cu. ft.
8’x40’x9.5′ (“High Cube”)3040 cu. ft.

Small Containers

If you only need a little extra room, our small containers can fit into those tighter areas that normally cannot accommodate a full-sized unit. Our small-space solutions come in multiple sizes and configurations. We’ll work with you to figure out what would best fit your job.

DimensionsCubic Footage
7’x9’x8′504 cu. ft.
8’x10’x8′640 cu. ft.

Modified Containers

We also can modify containers to better meet your job’s needs. Modifications include installation of 4′-12′ rollup doors, 3′ man doors, or customized partitions. Call today with your specific request, and we will work with you to find a solution modified or manufactured to your specifications.

DimensionsCubic Footage
8’x20’x8′1280 cu. ft.
8’x24’x8′1536 cu. ft.
8’x40’x8′2560 cu. ft.

Refrigerated Containers

Our refrigerated containers keep things cool. Call today for one of our insulated containers with climate control.

DimensionsCubic FootageType
8’x24’x8′1536 cu. ft.Electric
8’x40’x8′2560 cu. ft.Electric
8’x53’x8′3392 cu. ft.Diesel

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