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Currently we are sold out for 2017 burning man and no longer offering storage of bungalows after the event for 2017.  At this time we will no longer be accepting inquiries for new units.

Each unit is self contained, individually keyed, and provides lighting, outlet, insulated and contains air conditioning. Buildings are branding free and offer amenities to help with your pack in pack out plans.

Buildings are 8’ wide and 20’ long on the exterior. Manufactured from existing containers and the construction plan allows for repurposing back to a standard container at the end of the event. Each unit includes delivery and pickup to your location on the playa, permitting for BLM, Burning Man outside services general permit, and the Living Access permit, 15 gallons of bottled water with pump, trash can with trash bags and trash removal, first aid kit, extension cord, and fire extinguisher. Optionally, you can add a generator (anticipated 24 hour runtime), paint the interior and/or exterior to reflect your camp or personal expression, and additional personalized options available.
And new this year, you can optionally store your exhibit and displays in it throughout the year after the festival!



Base UnitRental of Unit for Entire Burning Man Event

  • 8′ x 20′ (exterior) insulated container
  • Individually keyed man door, window, A/C and electric outlet
  • Permits: BLM, Burning Man living access, outside vendor general permit (for delivery access).  Does not include entry fees or individual permits or tickets to attend and access the event.
  • 15 gallons of bottled water with pump
  • 35 gallon trash container with bags and 4 bag disposal
  • First aid kit, fire extinguisher, flash light/lantern, extension cord
Sold Out
Delivery & PickupDelivery and Pickup to your camp on site.Included!
Option: GeneratorDelivery and rental of propane generator (anticipated 24 hour runtime of included equipment)$250
Option: Storage until following yearLayover or Storage Of Exhibit and Displays Until 2017 Festival

  • You may keep them in your unit which will be stored off site throughout the year.
  • You may access the unit one time during the year (with advance notice)
Option: Paint ExteriorYou provide and paint or decorate the exterior as much as you like (we repaint it when done).$300
Option: Paint InteriorYou decorate, paint, or otherwise accent the interior (we repaint it when done).$200
Option: Carpet MatCarpet Mat to cover the plywood floor in the interior$200
Damage DepositReturned after the event based on return condition.$1000
Returning DiscountIf you rented a unit from us last year, you receive a discount!$500 Discount