Need a Need a Climate-Controlled Storage Solution?
Look no further.

Refrigerated Trailers
Quick Space offers refrigerated trailers, otherwise known as ‘Reefer Trailers,’ to provide temperature-controlled spaces, allowing you to safely store perishable goods and materials. Refrigerated trailers maintain a pre-set temperature during transportation and are perfect for an array of storage; fresh products, plants, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, seafood, dairy, meat, fruits, and vegetables to name a few. Refrigerated trailers protect against spoilage, damage, and varying temperatures. These trailers feature roll or swing doors and are diesel powered.

Reefer Trailer Sizes

Cold Storage
Our cold storage containers offer temperature-controlled spaces for all perishable goods and materials with lockable doors and added security measures. Our cold storage containers can maintain a pre-set temperature and are ideal for an array of cold storage needs, sit at ground level and are electrically powered.

Quick Space currently carries a 20′ cold storage container.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding our cold storage solutions, please reach out to discuss your needs with one of our trailer experts.